How to Stop Mice Getting in the House With Brick Weep Hole Covers?

Having mice infestation is challenging for everyone. Whether you’re living in an urban area or rural area, mice and rats can infest your place. It becomes even difficult if your house is made out of brick. Yes, you read it right that your challenges multiply if your house is made of bricks. How? How using bricks can make your house prone to rodents? How is mouse coming from bricks is possible?

It’s not the bricks, it’s ‘Weep Holes’ where the actual problem lies. I first discovered weep holes while inspecting the exterior brick veneer of my home. I was like did they forget to fill these holes in the bottom of my house? But later I found out that it’s not something that I was guessing. Then, what is a weep hole? Let’s dive deep into this for better understanding…

What is brick weep holes?

If you have just come across a hole in the bottom of your exterior wall, your bricklayer did not forget it. The first time I spotted a weep hole, I also thought it was construction flow. Many homeowners feel like this. But when I noticed there were more of these gaps, I decided to do some research. After a good research, I found out what they are and why they were for.

Coming straight to the point, ‘weep holes’ are small gaps between the bricks in the lower part of the wall. The main purpose of these holes is for drainage and ventilation. Weep holes are also called ‘weep slots’ or ‘weep gaps’. These holes are intentionally left to prevent moisture damage. These gaps are also necessary for the structural integrity of any brick house.

However, apart from serving the good purpose, these holes also serve a bad purpose. The gaps in the walls provide an easy entryway to the rodents. Rodents like mice, rats, snakes, lizards, spiders, etc use them to gain easy access to the building. Fortunately, you have the solution that we will discuss in this piece of writing. Check the Brick Weep Holes on Amazon if you like.

What brick weep holes used for?

The brick weep holes are there for a reason. The weep hole is generally designed for two purposes:

  1. For providing an opening to allow water to drain out
  2. For allowing appropriate ventilation to help dry the structure

Basically, the brick walls are built as two separate walls. One is a regular interior wall with drywall, vapor barrier, and insulation. Second is brick and mortar that wraps around the first wall. The small gaps or vents between the lowest layers of bricks allow the moisture to drip out.

In simple words, weep holes in the exterior walls are a drainage system. These holes are used in the cavity wall or rain-screen wall to get rid of moisture. It penetrates the water allowing it to escape downwards through the wall cavity. The moisture then goes out through the weep openings.

However, these openings are large enough to allow mice and other rodents to enter the house. Also, these holes do not provide enough ventilation these days. Earlier the houses are made in a way that moisture was allowed to move freely from the interior to the exterior. Today’s homes are built more air-tight and have lost this ability.

Though the weep holes are specifically designed to address the ventilation problem, they are somehow failing the purpose. These holes are not serving the purpose due to the overall size of masonry. These small opening are not able to provide enough ventilation.

These weep gaps are large enough for rodents to slip through and come inside the wall. So, a lot of homeowners are installing weep inserts into their existing weep holes. How weep inserts or brick weep hole covers help? Let’s check out in detail…

How brick weep hole cover help?

Brick weep hole cover is one of the solutions to keep mice and other rodents away from your house. A lot of people cover the gaps with plastic or metal mesh, but they don’t work well. Mice and rats have the tendency to chew right through the plastic to make their way. So, what’s the solution?

You can try Rid-O-Mice hole covers as they are different. They are not ordinary plastic or just mesh metal that can be pulled out by rodents. This is a stainless steel weep hole cover which is specifically designed to stop rodents. It prevents mice, rats, wasps, bees, scorpions, snakes, and lizards from entering the house.

Talking about my own experience, I have tried a lot of things. And, as compared to other traditional solutions, this cover for a perfect fit. This brick weep hole cover is flexible enough to fit easily between the bricks. When inserted properly, it maintains proper wall ventilation and easy to install.

All you need to do is to follow the instructions and you will be done. You just pinch the sides of the cover together and push the piece in. it will automatically expand back to the proper size once inserted. This cover is available in many different sizes to fit weep gaps of different dimensions.

As the cover is made of stainless steel, you don’t have to worry about the durability. The cover does’t rust or break apart as plastic or mesh does. Also, these types of covers have tiny holes to maintain ventilation. However, no rodents can enter through these tiny holes.

Do brick weep hole covers really work?

I have tried Rid-O-Mice and I can say that yes these covers do work. I have already taken care of the weep gaps in my home. So far the mice infestation is under control and these covers seem to be working. However, installing these covers cannot magically solve the problem when you already have a severe mice infestation. These covers are meant to prevent more rodents from invading your house.

If you already have severe mice infestation in your house, you need to take care of it using other methods. You can either use humane traps or go for natural home remedies to get rid of rodents.

My Words

The ease of use and cost-effectiveness of these brick weep hole covers makes them worth investing. Weep vents must be treated carefully as they are meant for ventilation and drainage. This means that when you block them off for mice, make sure there is still proper ventilation and drainage.

Therefore, I suggest investing in a specialized solution like Rid-o-Mice and you can easily buy them online. I found Rid-o-Mice an ideal solution as it does not completely block the weep gaps. These covers are available in different sizes which is definitely a bonus.