4 Effective Ways to Kill Rats Instantly and Humanly

Rats and mice are those creatures that are tiny but carry big diseases. It is always in our own good to keep these tiny rodents away from our homes and gardens. Rats and mice can be distinguished by their size. Where rats are bigger, mice are smaller in size. Rats can easily invade and escape your home and yard. There are a lot of things that attract rodents like spillage foods, water, and shelter. Among all species found in our homes, Roof Rats and Norway Rats are the most common ones.

Rats are a serious risk to us as they damage both our health and property. They cause numerous diseases and there are around 20 types which are carried by these rodents. Some of the most dangerous ones include Hantavirus infection, bubonic plague, rate bite fever, Leptospirosis, Lassa Fever, and foot and mouth infections. These tiny creatures spread different types of diseases via their feces and urine.

So, now you can imagine how harmful these creatures are. And that is the biggest reason we should get rid of them as soon as possible. Once you have suspected any rodent activity in your home, take it as an alarm. Rat or mice in infestation in your house can be easily identified by their droppings, urine, gnaw marks, ripped fabric material, shredded newspaper, etc.

4 Effective Mouse Traps to Kill Rats and Mice that actually work

Well! Then how to get rid of rats instantly? Though you always have an option to use natural home remedies they work very slow. They do help in keeping the rodents but are not that much effective to get rid of existing infestation. When it comes to getting rid of rats instantly, there are many effective ways to kill them humanely.

Having rats is really scary! Fortunately, you can kill them instantly and humanely. And, here’s how:

Electric Rat Zapper

An electric rat zapper is easy to set up, easy to use, and works on both rats and mice. These types of traps are convenient for disposal of the remains. If you are looking for something quick yet convenient, electric rat traps are a great choice. Most of the electric traps are powered by four ‘C’ batteries that are expected to kill around 50 rats. However, the number may vary depending on the condition and climate. Electric traps kill within a couple of seconds.

I have tried Pestai Electric Humane Mouse Trap that kills 50 rats per each set of 4C batteries. This is a non-toxic, poison free solution to kill rats instantly. The high voltage shock kills rats in seconds. You can also try  Big-Fun Electronic Trap that uses advanced smart circuit technology. It comes with a built-in safety switch and tunnel design to protect kids and pets.


2. Rat Snap Traps

These traps are an ideal solution when you’re not comfortable with electronic ones. Use these traps when poison baits may pose a potential hazard to children and pets. A snap trap is a powerful device that if used properly can kill rats instantly. The aggressive design of these traps makes it impossible for rats to escape. To use it effectively, assess your home to locate the rats’ nests as well as the route. Once you’ve located the exact site, place the snap trap perpendicular to a wall. You can use multiple snap traps according to the level of infestation.


If you’re looking for some good options, you can try Kat Sense Rat Snap Trap which is designed to kill rats instantly. It’s a reusable and sanitary large rat trap and safe for kids and pets. It offers increased capturing power with no false triggers and easy-to-use design. It comes with a more responsive and precise trigger mechanism. You can also give a try to the made2catch snap trap which is fully galvanized. This is a heavy duty snap trap with a powerful spring and made of long-lasting metal.  It can be easily reused for a long time.


3. Glue Trap

The heavy duty glue traps come with a professional strength formula. The high-quality ones come with fastener glue that attaches to the bottom and prevents escape. They are non-toxic and safe to use in the home. The heavy-duty rat glue traps are ready to use and catch unwanted rodents as well as insects. The glue traps can be used for rats, mice, spiders, snakes, and other crawling pests. However, you need to keep them out of the reach of children and animals. A glue trap does not kill the rat immediately, it just gets it stuck to the pad.


Though there are many glue traps available in the market, you can try Victor Glue Boards full case. This is a professional pest control product used to trap rats and mice. It comes with Victor proprietary glue formula and requires no setting. You just have to place it at the suspected area and catch.


4. Rat Shooting Gun

People have invented so many things to trap and kill rodents. If you have permission to shoot on a farmyard or on the ground, you can use a rat shooting gun. Rats look for easy feeding opportunities and this is where you can lure and shoot them. However, you need to have a bit of experience to enjoy effective results. Make sure you opt for one with variable power with a very soft glow. This is because rats are suspicious of light. Other essential should be a stable and comfortable seat.


You can search for rat shooting guns online and I am pretty sure you will find a huge variety. It will be good to invest in a gun with the night-vision kit as rats are more active from dusk to dawn. You can check the current price of Evike EMG F1 Firearms on Amazon, it will not make you disappointed.


Which Rat Trap is best?

It’s really hard to describe how shocked I felt when I first saw a rat in my house. It was such a creepy feel as rats are filthy, destructive, and carry a lot of harmful diseases. I was like please somebody help me get rid of these creatures super fast. I consulted a lot of people and researched on the Internet for the best possible ways to get rid of rats.

Someone told me about using natural home remedies like peppermint and onions oils. These remedies were effective but not satisfactory enough for me. Here I want to say that home remedies can help you keep the rodents away but they are not much effective in treating a severe infestation. If rats are already lurking in your home, home remedies alone can’t give satisfactory results. You will have to look for other options as these tiny creatures multiply in hundreds.

So, keeping everything in mind I decided to kill them instantly but humanely. I researched and tried a lot of traps and found these 2 the most effective ones:

Victor Electronic Rat Zapper

I found Victor electronic rat trap an effective solution to kill rats instantly and humanely. It kills rats using a high-voltage shock and designed for indoor use or anywhere not exposed to outdoor elements. It comes with an advanced smart circuit technology which senses the rodent and instantly delivers 7,000 volts of electricity for two minutes. And it permanently kills up to 50 rats per set of 4 ‘C’ batteries. The batteries are not included with the trap but you can order them separately.


The trap is perfect for attics, basements, garages, and sheds. And, these are the areas where rodents prefer to hide. What I liked the most about electric traps is that they do not use any poisons or chemicals. Also, the trap is very simple to use and all you have to do is follow the label instructional carefully. With each kill, the indicator light on top of the trap will blink green. However, with electric traps you need to take care of the batteries.


It’s one of the hygienic and effective options available in the market…


Kat Sense Large Rat Trap

Apart from the 1st one, I would recommend using Kat Sense rat Trap which is an all-new aggressive snap trap. It can be used both indoors and outdoors to catch mice, rats, moles, and other uninvited guests. This trap is scientifically engineered to control rodents instantly. It is designed with a large trough for easy baiting and oversized pedal which is easily activated. Once a rodent triggers the pedal, the bat will immediately spring close.


Kate Sense snaps traps offer increased capturing power with its more responsive and aggressive trigger mechanism. The durable polystyrene construction allows you to wash it and reuse. It won’t lock in odor and stains like traditional wood traps. The spring is made of stainless steel which holds tight.


It is one of the convenient ways to kill rats instantly and can be set with just one touch…



When I was dealing with a rat infestation in my home, I have learned a lot things about these creatures. And, I think the experience is worth sharing. So, here are a few tips when you’re trying to kill rats instantly:

  • Rats learn and can prevent a trap from working properly. Yes, you read it right that rats are smart and can sense their traps. So you’ve to be smarter…
  • Rats are cautious and often avoid something new and traps are always new to them. They will try to avoid the traps so you have to be very creative…
  • The best way is to put a trap close to a wall or boundary fence so that they can’t avoid it. Also, make sure the opening of the trap is closest to the wall…
  • Put some rat’s favorite kind of stuff such bread or peanut butter to lure them. Put food in the trap and let them get used to it and then turn it on…
  • If you’re using an electric mouse trap, make sure that the battery is full…
  • When using glue traps, make sure you invest in the highest quality as a big rat can gnaw the adhesive and escape…
  • In order to get the best results from snap traps, place them in the right location…
  • Find out the routes of these tiny creatures before using any type of trap…
  • Set many, and not just one trap for best results…

My Words

When it comes to effective ways to kill rats instantly, I personally found the electric one to be extremely effective. The rat is killed without blood being spilled and it’s also a humane way to get rid of them. However, there are some important considerations like batteries, how to use, where to use, etc. When you’re using an electronic rat trap, the batteries need to be kept full. If the battery is low, the shock will not be enough to kill the rat.

I suggest using electric zapper as it kills a rat in just a few seconds. When a rat walks into a rat zapper, the metal plate activates an electrical circuit. Ultimately, the rat dies due to an electric shock. This is one of the cleanest ways to kill the rats as there are no partial traps or blood involved. Everything happens in just a few seconds and if doesn’t work then the rat gets away humanely. In simple words, it’s the fastest and cleanest kill.

I would also say that there is no point to kill rats until you’ve first solved the root cause. If there are ways to invade your house, the rodents will keep entering and infesting. What I want to say is that you should first inspect your place to identify the real problem. Why rats or mice are infesting your house? Where are they entering from? What attracts them to enter your house? The answer to these questions will help you get to the root of the issue.

Once you know the root problem, you can use different ways to get rid of them. If the infestation is severe, you can combine natural home remedies with killer traps. If the problem still persists, you can contact your nearby rodent exterminator. These are professional people and can help you with a severe infestation.