How to Get Rid of Rats in Your House Fast?

Rats can be a big problem as they can cause a great deal of damage to our health and property. Fall and winter are prime time for rats and mice to make their entry to our homes. They invade our homes in search of warmth and food. During winters, all rodents will try to their cozy corners. And, our homes provide them with what they are looking for – food, water, and shelter.

Today, there are many people who have become attentive toward getting rid of rodents. They have become aware of the fact that rats spread diseases and destroy property. Fortunately, there are many ways to get rid of rats. However, the main concern should always be to choose the fastest way. Rats and mice tend to multiple super fast and it is imperative to get rid of them as soon as possible.

Here are the most effective ways to get rid of rats in your house fast:

Rat Traps

Traps are one of the easiest and inexpensive ways to get rid of rats. Traps can be used in different corners of your house. However, they must be inspected regularly as a trapped rodent may cause an infection. The trick lies in identifying the corners infested by rodents and setting traps accordingly. Try installing them in areas like attics, basements, kitchens, walls, or anywhere near food sources.


There are different types of traps available in the market such as snap traps and live traps. Snap traps are rat-sized wooden or plastic traps designed for capturing rodents. While live traps are hole-like traps with a wind-up mechanism that is triggered by touch.

type of mice trap

What are the different types of rat traps?


  • If you prefer a reusable trap, try Humane Mouse Trap by Mice Cube. It is a no-kill mouse trap which is safe, silent, and re-usable. It is a true customer favorite since they are quick, clean, and effective.


  • The Havahart one-door animal trap is known for catching different type of rodents. These live traps have internal edges to protect and prevent injuries to animals. Also, the trigger rod is located outside of the trap so the animal cannot damage it.


  • The AB Traps Pro is a safe and effective way to catch rodents. This product gets my vote since it does not kill or cause any injury to the captured animal. You can easily release the captured pest as there are no glues, sprays, or electricity.

Natural Remedies

Yes, there are many ways to get rid of rats naturally. If you can’t stand the idea of using traps or poison, you can always go for natural products. There are plenty of things that can help you fight the problem once and for all. Home remedies are effective and typically non-toxic. If you have children and pets in the house, it will be better to use the safest way to solve the problem. Natural rodent repellents are usually harmless to kids and other pets.

 Natural Remedies get rid of rats naturally

What are the different types of home remedies?


  • Peppermint Oil – This is one of the best home remedies because mice aren’t big fans of strong smells. It is a natural repellent and will send rats and mice running for the hills. All you need to do is buy high-quality, pure peppermint oil and place a little on cotton balls. Place the soaked cotton balls in entryways or wherever you suspect rodent activity.


  • Instant Potatoes – This is an effective way to get rid of rodents. You just have to sprinkle a few tablespoons of instant mashed potatoes at the suspected areas. However, if the rodents will eat the potatoes in a good quantity, this may kill them. The flakes will expand in their stomachs and kill them before they’re fully digested.


  • Onions Oil – This is an effective but tricky way to tackle the situation. Onions repel rodents but will rot if left out for several days. Also, onions can be toxic to some animals like dogs and cats. So, if you have pets and small kids in your home, be cautious while using onions oil. Get good quality onion oil and place it where there are rodents but pets can’t reach.


  • Hot Pepper Flakes & Garlic – This is the most inexpensive way to keep the uninvited pests out of your place. Sprinkle pepper along with the entryway and other corners where you suspect rodent activity. To use garlic as a natural rodent repellent, mix some chopped garlic with water. you can also use garlic cloves at the entry points.


  • Natural Predators – Dogs and cats are natural predators of mice and rats. You can have them in your home to get repel rats. The best solution is to get a cat but remember it’s a serious commitment. Having a predator does not mean that you will get rid of the problem instantly.


Call a Professional Pest Exterminator

One of the fastest ways to get rid of the rodent problem is by calling in a professional rat or mice exterminator. If you have been trying for so long and nothing else is working, take professional help. All you need to do is find the best exterminator in your area and discuss the entire problem. A professional exterminator will know all the causes of mice infestation. They will save you a lot of time and energy.

I found a rat in my house is there more? 

How do you know for sure that rats are gone? There are certain signs that indicate that you still have rodents in your home. If you found a single rat in your house, there can be more. If you see one or two at night but never during the day, the population has probably not gotten too large.

Well, here are 5 signs that you still have rats or mice in your house:

  1. Droppings – New droppings are dark and moist and most likely to be found near food packages. You will find the greatest number of droppings where the rodents are nesting.
  2. Gnaw Marks – Newer gnaw marks will be lighter in color and often found on food packaging. Rats produce larger gnaw marks while mice make small ones.
  3. Tracks – If rats and mice are still active in your house, you will find the tracks and runways. You can detect the new tracks with a flashlight or using flour.
  4. Nest – Rodents often make their nests in dark corners such as the attic, basement, etc. They use materials like shredded paper, fabric, dried leaves, etc.
  5. Foul Odor – If rodents are present in your house, you will smell a foul odor. If you have dogs or cats, they will become active and excited in areas where rats are present.Rat Droppings – Dangers, Diseases & How to Get Rid of Feces Safely


If you want to get rid of rats in your house fast, follow the above-mentioned ways carefully. Use the mouse traps and if they alone don’t work, go for natural remedies. If you are still not satisfied, hire an exterminator.

I would also add that take precautions to prevent the rodents from returning. Precaution is always better than cure regardless of the type of problem.