How to Keep Rats and Mice Far Away from Your Yard?

How to Keep Rats and Mice Far Away from Your Yard?

Having rats in your home or yard is a horrible experience. It is almost as bad if you spot them in your yard as inside your house. They will not only damage your plants and vegetables but there are also chances they invade your attic or basements. If you have mice or rats in your garden, it means everything is in danger. They can be a big danger to your yard, your house, your family and pets.

The field mouse is one of the common species found around the world. They often invade the yards in search of food, water, and shelter. Also, they choose to hide outdoors to stay away from their predators. Mice, rats, and other rodents not only cause unsightly damage, they can eventually enter your home and infest the entire area.

Mice and rats are known for their vivacious breeding habits. Even a single furry creature can bring in a lot of population. Once they start nesting either inside your house or in your yard, it then becomes an extremely difficult battle. I am saying this on behalf of my own experience. I fought with the same situation a few months back. And, trust me it’s overwhelming.

So, you need to keep the rodents away from your yard and ultimately house. To do so, you need to first understand what attracts them to the garden. The best way will be to make your place as unpleasant and uncomfortable for rodents as possible. But how?

Here are amazing ways to keep mice and rats far away from your yard:

  1. Mouse-Proof the Yard – One of the easiest ways to rid yourself of rodents is to mouse-proof your yard. Be proactive and prevent the infestation before it happens. Look for any holes and gaps that mice can squeeze through. They tend to have their nesting in old boxes, so try keeping your yard clean of all such things.

Keep Lawns Trimmed

  1. Keep Lawns Trimmed – Having untrimmed, tall grass means you are providing an ideal place for rodents to hide. It makes it convenient for them to run around and disappear. So, keep your lawns trimmed so the rodents don’t have any place to hide. Make it a habit of trimming the grass and taking care of plantation on regular basis.


  1. Get Rid of Waste & Clean Up Compost – After trimming, don’t leave the piles of tree or shrub clippings in the yard unattended. Dispose of them as soon as possible so that rodents have no place to hide. Also, contain your compost and move the containers away from the yard. Compost bin right in your yard is an open invitation to rodents.


  1. Relocate the Woodpile and Trash Cans – If you have a woodpile and trash bins in your garden, relocate them. Store the woodpile against a garden shed or across your yard. It will be great if you can use a lumber rack to store the woods. Also, relocate the trash bin and put them on concrete instead of the grass.


  1. Grow Vegetables Separately – Rodents invade our homes and gardens for food and vegetables are a good source for them. Therefore, try to grow vegetables away from your house. Keep the vegetable plot across the lawn so that no rodents can infest the place. Growing veggies right next to your house may invite rodents.


  1. Store Birdseed Carefully – Make sure that bird seed, dog food, or cat food is stored away from the yard. Also, use containers that are specifically designed to feed pets and birds. Try to feed your pets indoors and clean up properly after feeding. You can store the pet food and bird seed in the garage in sealed containers.


  1. Wrap the Bark – Yes, mice and rats like to feed on the bark of trees especially the young trees. So, it will be good to wrap the bark of the tree to keep the rodents away. You can use a wire mesh or a plastic collar around freshly planted trees. This will not only protect trees but will make the place vulnerable for rodents.

  1. Improve Sanitation – Try to improve sanitation near your garden to make it an uninviting place for rodents. Keep garbage and recycling bins away from the garden. Wash them down with the garden hose at least once in a week. Also, try to clean up the leftover food particles or scents on the trash bins.

Once you have cleaned up your yard, take a look at it for any loopholes. Check if you still have entry points for rodents. Is there any hiding and living places around the yard? Are you inviting the rodents into your space? Rodents are attracted because we are so accommodating, providing them with what they want.

However, that doesn’t mean we should not have a yard or get rid of all plants and vegetables. It simply means that we should take care of the outdoors just like the indoors. We should look for places mice and rats might like to live and fix the weak points. Also, check for any opening where rodents can get in. Cover the holes with metal, concrete or mesh wool.

Final Verdict

We spend an inordinate amount of time and money trying to get rid of rodents. This is because these tiny creatures are eating our fruits and vegetables, getting into our homes, tearing up our furniture, and munching on the wiring. And I totally understand this as I’ve been there, too. There were times when I thought of killing every single rodent personally. But, I am not that kind of person. We can deal with rodents without having to turn to cruel.

Living with rats and mice is not just bothersome; it is a major health hazard to you, your family, and your pets. When they’re scurrying around your house or yard, they are also carrying harmful bacteria and viruses along. As they use their urine as a method of communication, they have the tendency to spread it everywhere. And a lot of dangerous diseases and infections spread due to their droppings and urine.

So, it is important to keep rats and mice far away from your yard. Follow the above-mentioned tips to get rid of them fast. However, one of the easiest ways is to prevent the infestation before it happens. Rodents invade our homes especially during winters as they look for warm and cozy place to hide. So, it is important to pay attention before winters start.

Keep your yard as clean and tidy as possible to avoid infestation. Make it an uncomfortable and uninviting place for rodents. Rats and mice fear open space and, therefore, try to keep your yard free of waste. The fewer overgrown areas you have, the less likely the rodents will invade your yard. You can also use humane traps to catch the existing ones and leave them far away from your house. Whatever product you choose, read the label instructions carefully.

Acting quickly is necessary to protect your home and health…