Mice Coming from Neighbors. How to get rid of that

Mice Coming from Neighbors – Dealing with Infestation

Nothing makes a home non-enjoyable than the presence of rodents. Whether rats, mice, or any type of bugs, these tiny creatures can irritate anyone.

Struggling with sudden mouse infestation? Well! There can be many reasons for this infestation. Here, I must say that the possibility of mice coming from neighbors cannot be ignored. Yes! Rodents can even come from your neighbor depending on what type of property you live in. This is true that sometimes pests are not your fault and they creep in from neighboring buildings.

How to Deal With Mice Coming From Neighbors?

If you think that mice are coming from neighbors, what should you do? My experience goes with the following tips…

  • Assess the Situation: Well, having rodents in your home does not necessarily mean that they are coming from neighbors. So, before pointing your finger to anyone else, ensure that you are not the source of the pests. I personally suggest calling an exterminator because accusing a neighbor of no reason may not be good.


  • Talk-Your-Neighbor-about-Rat-InfestationApproach Your Neighbor: If you are not the source, approach your neighbor and politely discuss the problem. Yes! Do not be accusatory because rodents can infest any house, anytime. Discuss that you have noticed a large number of mice or rats in your area. Emphasize that you both have a common goal of getting rid of rodents.


  • Eliminate Pests Together: Try to make your neighbor understand the situation and eliminate the pests together. Cleanup efforts or exterminators can be really expensive and sharing can be a good option. So, the idea is to frame the problem as an issue common and offer a share.


  • Use Natural Repellents: When I was in the same situation, I tried natural repellents and trust me, it really works. Try peppermint oil as rodents cannot stand the smell. You can also use onion oil and baking soda to keep the mice away from your home. Also, suggest your neighbor to these products.


  • Use Traps: If it is just the starting of the infestation, you can easily catch the rats or mice by using traps. Use reusable humane mouse trap as it is easy to use, catch, and release the rodents without killing them. You can also use a one-door animal trap for rat, mice, and squirrel. This trap protects and prevents injuries to animals.


  • Call Pests Controller: If nothing else works or your neighbor is not willing to work on this problem, you can call animal control. Different cities have different animal control names and helpline numbers. If your neighbor is failing to obey local ordinances on proper cleanliness, pests’ controller will address the problem.rat control

How Are Rodents coming from Neighbors?

I think there could be many ways rats or mice can infest your house. They can make their way from your neighbor’s apartment to yours easily. Generally, rodents seek refuge in the warm, indoor comfort with the onset of winter. All those rodents wandering outside or your neighbor’s house become more interested in entering buildings to find shelter from cold.

Even a single neighbor who lives in unsanitary conditions can attract pests. These pests can further spread into the locality in search of more food and ideal place to hide. Duh! It clearly explains my situation. I always keep my place spotless but still encountered rodents. This was just because of a neighbor who used to avoid sanitation.

Mice usually travel about 50 feet from its nesting area, so chances are good that they can infest the surroundings. They can infest even those places that are seemingly clean. All you will be able to notice are the tracks, feces, and other evidence of rodents. And most people often don’t find our rodents until they are extremely populous.Get Rid of Rodents

How mice enter homes?

  • Holes in the walls
  • Cracks in the foundations
  • Gaps in windows or ceilings
  • Sewer lines or drainage pipes
  • Entry holes around plumbing or oven gas lines
  • Construction work in the neighborhood

Why Should You Get Rid of Rodents Quickly?

Rodents, rats or mice, carry harmful bacteria into your homes. A mouse’s hair, urine, and feces are a cause of many dangerous diseases. The presence of rodents in your house means that you are breathing in or eating up this harmful bacterium. Rats and mice are the main cause of many severe infections and diseases. Therefore, it is imperative to get rid of them as soon as possible.

The key to keeping rats and mice out is to maintain an extremely clean house. It will also encourage your neighbors to adopt the habits of cleanliness. The key is to not let any food container open as most of the rodents come in search of food. Also, make sure not to leave dog or cat food out. Use trash cans with lids to keep rodents from finding food particles.

My Words

As we discussed earlier also that mice carry harmful bacteria, viruses, and other diseases. It is always better to clean up after mouse infestation. When I was struggling with rodent infestation, an experienced professional told me to pay close attention to cleaning efforts. So, here are a few tips to clean up:

  • Do not disturb dust particles or rodent feces as it may lead to harmful airborne particles.
  • Disinfect all surfaces that have come into contact with rats or mice thoroughly.
  • Wear mask and gloves to pick up the debris and dispose of.
  • Do not sweep or vacuum mouse droppings. Spray the area and pick the debris with any cloth.
  • Place all contaminated materials in a hole-free trash bag that seal tightly.
  • Dispose of the trash bag in outdoor garbage bins that are cleaned on regular basis.
  • Expose your house to fresh air and sunshine for hours.

Though finding out that you have mice in your house that are coming from neighbors, it can be very challenging. Fortunately, there are solutions to get rid of them. And, I suggest finding a solution with mutual understanding. This is because getting rid of them from your own house is not feasible if they are coming from neighbors.

You need to talk to your neighbor regarding the situation and reach the best possible solution.

In a nutshell, keep your building sanitary and take all the necessary precautions to keep rodents away…