Does Peppermint Oil Repel Rats – How to use it effectively

Does Peppermint Oil Repel Rats – How to use it effectively

It’s no secret that most homeowners are choosing to embrace natural remedies when it comes to getting rid of rodents. A lot of manufacturers have started manufacturing chemical-free products. Today, a huge variety of environment-friendly options are available. The same goes for me; I also like eco-friendly products.

Well! When talking about getting rid of rats using natural remedies, peppermint oil plays an imperative role. Rats are annoying creatures and for most of us, coming into contact with them is not enjoyable. The fact that rats and mice spread a variety of diseases makes these creatures so uninviting.

Does peppermint oil repel rats?

The answer is YES! Rats do not like the smell of peppermint and that is why it acts as a natural repellent. Peppermint oil really does work, but it has to be used correctly. For those who say it’s a myth, they must not have used it the way it should be. If I say this in simple words, we should never expect good results from just a few peppermint leaves. It has to be used appropriately to make the mice run away from your house.

How does it work?

It is very simple. Peppermint is a strong smelling plant and mice find the potent aroma of its menthol irritating to their nasal cavities. Most mice species relies on a strong sense of smell and this is where it actually works. That is why it is recommended to use 100% pure peppermint oil to repel rats.

Peppermint oil is anti-bacterial, anti-viral, and anti-fungal. It is a chemical-free natural all-purpose cleaner to keep your home clean and smelling fresh.

Let’s discuss how to get effective results by using peppermint oil…How to use peppermint oil to get rid of mice?

How to use peppermint oil to get rid of mice?

  • Buy the Right Product – The best way to make sure this idea works is to buy pure peppermint oil. You can choose the product that is specifically formulated to repel mice. You may consider using Essentially KateS Peppermint Essential Oil. The bottle comes with a long glass dropper and a phenolic cap for long-term storage.
  • Use Appropriate Quantity – Make sure you use enough peppermint oil to get the best results. Rats don’t like strong scent of peppermint. Therefore, it has to be strong enough to repel rats. I recommend using at least 5 drops of peppermint oil on a cotton ball and first seeing the results.
  • Choose the Right Location – Just like the right quantity, the right location is also important. Place the cotton balls soaked in peppermint oil in the areas most visited by mice or rats. You can use it at the entryways so that mice do not come in. However, if they are already in the house, you may have to find the most suitable area.
  • Know the Limits – Keep in mind that peppermint oil just repels mice. It is not a permanent solution to get rid of severe rat infestation. If rats are already living in your house, you may have to use other methods like traps and ultrasonic sounds along with the natural remedies.

Where to find peppermint oil in store?

If you’re wondering where to buy peppermint oil, I have already shared some links in this post. If you don’t find them useful, you can visit your local grocery or health food store. There are many online stores where you can compare different products and buy the best. Online ordering is good as most platforms ship in a day or two.

Some companies manufacture ready to pouches filled with essential oils. You can buy them and use instantly. However, it will be good to invest in a bottle pack as it can be reused. You can just pour a little peppermint oil on a cotton ball and use it whenever and wherever you need.

The key is to buy 100% pure peppermint oil. Avoid buying a blend as it may not repel rats in an effective manner.Growing peppermint in your garden

Growing peppermint in your garden

Even Great! You can grow peppermint in your very own garden. There are many varieties of mint and all are fragrant. Mint is a rapidly spreading perennial herb and the preferable location is a semi-shady area. As it spreads quickly, it will spread into a dense mat and may encroach into other garden areas.

First and foremost, the peppermint plant needs lots of water. This is why it grows well at places where the soil is rich and the drainage is good. Remember, the mint plant would not tolerate dry conditions. It requires only partial sun as planting in full sun will increase the potency of its oils as well as medical qualities.

You can either grow the plant in a container or in the ground with wood or plastic edging. But keep in mind that mint spreads a lot. As far as the care of the plant is concerned, move the plant to a new location every three or four years. This is because the plant tends to weaken and become spindly.

While growing peppermint, the goal should be to make the surrounding area as unattractive as possible for rats.

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My Words

I trusted natural remedies even to get rid of rat infestation. One of the main reasons I don’t feel comfortable with chemical and rat poison is having kids and pets around. Secondly, I personally don’t like to kills animals whether they are rats or any other creature. Also, rat poison is not the only solution available. The good news is that there are many products that are made of 100% natural ingredients. You can use them effectively to keep your house safe and rodent-free.

What I want to say here is YES peppermint oil repel rats if used correctly. You can always expect positive results from these natural repellents. Rodents don’t like the strong smell of peppermint because of their nasal senses. This makes it a good natural remedy to keep them away from your home.

Here, I must say that peppermint is a preventive measure, not a cure. When we are using it to repel rats, it should be used for prevention. If our home is already infested, getting them out by just using peppermint oil may not be an ideal solution.

So, use peppermint oil to complement other efforts and to prevent rodents from coming back.