Rat Infestation – Signs, Dangers, Cost, and Solution

Rat Infestation – Signs, Dangers, Cost, and Solution

Noticed suspicious rat signs in your property?

Rats are the most commonly found pests in homes. And, trust me they are so annoying sometimes that you just wanted to get rid of them. They not only damage our property but can also spread an array of dangerous diseases. They are most active between dusk and dawn. If you have them in your home you need to act quickly to prevent any potential damage to your property and health.

But the real question is – what are the signs? It took months for me to understand the exact signs and I that could be the reason I always wanted to share something useful. Well! Before answering the question, it is important to understand that why rats come to our house. There are two main reasons why they invade our property – protection, and food. Firstly, when the rodents are ready to nest and have babies, they seek a safe place. Secondly, they come in search of food such as grains, fruits, vegetables, seeds, and nuts.

Rats are very active at night and that is why you cannot notice them during the initial days. When I was having a rodent infestation in my home, I used to hear something at night. It was like the sound of scratching but I never saw anything with my naked eyes. Well, here’s a thing to notice that the actual pest may never be spotted at the crime scene. It means you have to keep an eye on signs that rodents leave behind.

Most Common Rat Infestation Signs

There are many homes and institutions that have experienced rat attacks. As I told you guys before, even I was so frustrated with rodents in my house. Regardless of how well we protect our homes against rodents, they will find their way in. Rats are responsible for the transmission of many dangerous diseases. Though we are unable to notice them when populations are low, an infestation can be confirmed by signs.

Here are some most obvious rat infestation signs that will help you identify the problem:

  • Scratching Noises

    Rats are agile climbers and often scratch things that come their way. If you have rats in your house, you might hear some scratching noises coming from loft space and upper floors at night.

  • Rat Droppings

    This is one of the best ways to find if there are rats or mice in your home. Rats can produce up to 40 dropping per night. This is an obvious indication of a rodent at your place.Most Common Rat Infestation Signs

  • Bite Marks

    Rats often tend to gnaw on furniture or other stuff to keep their teeth trimmed. So, if you notice any bite marks on different surfaces, it could be a rodent. You may also notice ripped food packaging.

  • Rub marks 

    The grease and dirt on the body of rats often left behind on surfaces as a smudge. Noticing smudges or dark marks can be a sign of having rats in your home.

  • Burrows

    Rats are good diggers and often dig burrows for shelter, nesting, and food storage. If there are any burrows around your home, there is the possibility of having rats in your home.

  • Nests

    Rats often build nests in hidden, warm places using materials like shredded newspaper and fabrics. If you find any such nest in your garage, basement, behind or under appliances, there could be rodents.

  • Footprints

    Yes, just like humans rats may also leave behind their footprints or running tracks. You can check this by sprinkling fine flour or talc near the footprints and see if there is some more the next day.

Mice Infestation Dangers

The rodent infestation in your home can be dangerous – both for your health and property. Mice do not bite unless mishandles or aggressive but they do carry a lot of infections that may turn into diseases. When I was having rats in my house, I used to search a lot on the Internet about them. At that time I get to know about some serious diseases caused by rodents.

The parasites that come with mice and rats are potentially deadly to humans. Some of the health dangers include Hantavirus, Rat-Bite Fever, Listeria, and Salmonellosis. Hantavirus is one of the greatest health concerns and it comes from mouse droppings. Yes, you heard it right, their poop is not good for us. Let’s discuss it further:

  • Hantavirus – The virus can be transmitted to humans if they come into contact with rodent urine and feces. Furthermore, the feces and urine can carry the virus through dust as well when dried. This virus may lead to serious health problems and starts with fever, chills, aches, and rashes. The severe case may lead to shortness of breath and kidney-failure.


  • Salmonella – In simple words, it is referred to as food poisoning and can be transmitted through food. Rodents often walk over kitchen counters in search of food and chew just about anything. They may poison the food which may lead to Salmonella. The symptoms include cramps, vomiting, and diarrhea.


  • Plague – Mice and rats are the reason for the Bubonic plague and is caused by the fleas they carry. Fleas transmit this disease through blood, just like ticks and mosquitoes.


  • Lyme disease – It is transmitted by ticks and mice often carry them. Ticks can be very dangerous for health as they can easily become an infestation and can have long-term effects.

Mice Infestation Dangers

  • Rotavirus

    Mice and rats can carry their own form of rotavirus and it is mostly transmitted through contact with feces. This disease causes severe stomach cramps and diarrhea. This health issue commonly infects infants and young children.


  • Property Damage – Apart from transporting different types of diseases, mice and rats can cause a serious damage to your property. They often scratch furniture and other stuff which may lead to a very costly renovation affair.

Though they do not generally bite the fact is a number of serious illness and risks they carry with them. Getting to know about such serious diseases, I was so worried that I decided to get rid of them as soon as possible.

Rat Infestation and Pregnancy

If you have rats in your home, there can be an array of medical risks associated with their presence. Especially pregnant women should avoid any type of contact with rodents such as rats and mice. She should be aware of the risks and appropriate steps to protect themselves in every situation. Furthermore, any women who are pregnant or planning to conceive should not have a rat or mouse as a pet. However, if a pregnant woman already has a pet mouse, she should take proper care while dealing.

In most cases, rat infestation involves the risk of becoming infected with Lymphocytic Choriomeningitis Virus (LCMV). It is an infectious agent that can cause severe brain damage in a fetus. The following tips can pregnant women help minimize the risk:

  • Have their home winterized to ensure that there is no way for rodents to enter the house.
  • Do not remove the rodents or discard their droppings themselves.
  • Consult a physician as soon as possible if concerned that she may have been exposed to LCMV.

Rat Infestation Cleanup Cost

If your home is infested by rats or mice, it is extremely important to do the clean up job as soon as possible. Rat exterminator cost varies according to factors such as the type of rodent and their number. The cost may start at $100 and goes up to $1000 depending on the type of service you want. It may be more or less depending upon your location.

There is a variety of factors that determine the rat infestation cost. In my case, there were few areas that need repair. And, trust me that the presence of rodents can have a serious damage to your property.


  • Several Repairs – If you need several difficult repairs to get rid of rodents, it may cost you a lot. The cost can elevate more if your building is more challenging with a high steep roof.
  • Common Case – If your case requires repairs of a few areas, not the entire home, the cost will be relatively low. In such a case, the cleanup process takes just a few days and this is more common.
  • Simple Case – If there are only a few rodents and it requires just a day or two cleanups, you can expect to pay less. This type of case requires one or two visits by professionals and the job is done.Rat Infestation Cleanup Cost

Cost-effective options

A complete rat infestation cleanup by a highly professional company can be very costly. Though I consulted with professional, I also tried some products on my own. And the results were good. DNR Tech. ET Pest Control is a good pest direct targeting product that works for insects or rodents. It emits high impact ultrasonic sounds covering 5000 sq. ft. and made with twin scanning technology. The twin scanning technology helps repel pest with greater demand.

Havahart One-Door Animal Trap is another product that you can give a try. It is made of galvanized steel and one-piece 12-gauge wire mesh. If you are looking for an effective and patented mousetrap that comes with no poison or glue. Try Humane Mousetrap, a no-kill mouse trap that you can use easily around children and pets. This reusable trap is endorsed by Humane Societies and Animal Rights.

  1. DNR Tech. ET Pest Control – This is a pest direct targeting product that works for insects or rodents. It emits high impact ultrasonic sounds covering 5000 sq. ft. and made with twin scanning technology. The twin scanning technology helps repel pest with greater demand. You can also select different repulsive sounds for different rodents.


  1. Havahart One-Door Animal Trap – If you are looking for something basic, you can choose this one-door animal trap that is ideal for rats and squirrel. It is made of galvanized steel and one-piece 12-gauge wire mesh. This trap is an ideal solution as it prevents injuries to animals. You can easily trap and leave the rats far from your place.


  1. Humane Mousetrap

  • This is an effective and patented mousetrap that comes with no poison or glue. It is a no-kill mouse trap that you can use easily around children and pets. This reusable trap is endorsed by Humane Societies and Animal Rights.


  1. Victor Mini PestChaser Ultrasonic Rodent Repellent – This device emits high-frequency sound waves that effectively repel rodents. The varying ultrasonic sound waves prevent rodents from getting used to the product. The sound is completely inaudible to people and non-rodent pets.


  1. TMC Pest Repeller LLC T3-R Triple High Impact Rodent Repeller – This repulsive ultrasonic sound repeller is ideal for mice, rats, and other rodents. It comes with a duel triple attack design that allows it to change the sound. It comes with a long cord and safe to use around cats, dogs, and children.Humane Mousetrap Cost-effective options

Rat Infestation Solution

Rats cause a lot of damage and that why it is imperative to take action as soon as you get to know about them. First rat infestation solution is to proof your home as rats often get through holes. You can use natural oil or powder-based rodent repellers or ultrasonic repellers that emit an uncomfortable sound for rats. However, this is not an ideal solution for existing infestations.

If you are looking for an effective rat infestation solution, you may consider hiring a pest control professional. Secondly, pay attention to cleanliness as rodents search for food and shelter. Store everything in air-tight containers and ensure that all pipe-work is in good order.

There is a wide range of DIY products available online that you can use to get rid of rats. You can use onion oil or baking soda to get rid of rodents. Both are good natural repellent for rodents and can be used easily. I basically prefer DIY products when the problem is not so serious.

While DIY products are good rat infestation solution, they cannot solve a severe problem. In such as case, you should go for professional rat control services. A lot of companies provide a highly targeted treatment to deal with any kind of rodent infestation. Though I also suggest doing your research else you may end up investing a fortune.

Wondering how rats enter homes? Check for rats inside and outside your house in places like:

  • Kitchens
  • Laundries
  • Attic
  • Dark Corners
  • Decking
  • Sheds
  • Compost Bins
  • Garages
  • Vegetation
  • DrainsRat Bite – What Should You Do

Rat Bite – What Should You Do?

Rats have large teeth and may administer painful bites when threatened. Though rats mostly avoid people and become active when buildings are quite they can bite to defend. In such as scenario, the main concern is developing an infection. One of the most common infections is known as rat-bite fever (RBF) and it can be transmitted via an infected rat’s bite or scratch.

What should you do – Though rats’ bites are not common, they may cause hazardous infection. The best thing to do is to stay safe when rats are around you. If you do get bitten by a rat, there are several steps that you should take:

  • Clean the wound properly and control the bleeding. You can use soap and lukewarm water to clean inside the wound.
  • Cover the wound with a clean and dry dressing to avoid infection. You can use an antibiotic ointment on the wound before dressing.
  • See a doctor as soon as possible because you may need a tetanus immunization or other treatment.

If untreated, rat bite infection may lead to rat-bite fever like Streptobacillus Moniliformis and Spirillum Minus. The symptoms may include fever, headache, vomiting, back pain, joints pain, rashes, etc. The main point is to see a doctor and follow the instructions carefully.

Rat Infestation Clean Up

The rat infestation clean up requires you to take precautions before and during cleans up of infested areas. Ventilate the space by opening the doors and windows to allow fresh air to enter the infested area. Follow the following steps to properly clean up the area:

  1. Wear rubber or latex vinyl gloves before cleaning
  2. Clean up any urine and droppings properly
  3. Disinfect and clean the whole area by mopping surfaces
  4. Clean up dead rodents or nests using a spray or mixture of bleach and water
  5. Place the debris in a plastic bag and seal tightly
  6. Throw the bag into a covered trash bin that is regularly emptied
  7. Clean cabins, countertops, sheds, or other parts of the building
  8. Contact a professional to treat severe rat infestationHow to Safely Clean Rat Droppings?

My Words:

I recommend acting quickly and get a good solution as rats spread diseases, contaminate food, and damage property. The damage could be much more than you think as they attract fleas, lice, ticks into your property. It will be best to consult a pest control professional or use high-quality, proven products in the event of an infestation.

Products like Ultrasonic Rodent Repellent are also worth to try. This device emits high-frequency sound waves that effectively repel rodents. The sound is completely inaudible to people and non-rodent pets.

I must say that it is a good idea to take precautions and if necessary use poison or glue-free traps. It will be better to catch the rodents and leave them away from your home instead of killing them…