Scare Mice Away with Noise

Scare Mice Away with Noise – Does it Really Work?

Is your house infested with mice? Are you frustrated by the failure of traps? It can be really challenging to get rid of rodents because they are really smart. Yes! You read it right, mice are smart and that’s why they ditch the traps. These tiny creatures are very sensitive and can detect the danger fast. They multiply quickly and that’s why getting rid of them becomes imperative.

When I was struggling with the rodents in my home, was like experimenting with everything. Whatever I get to know from friends and family, I tried. I also searched for hours on the Internet for effective ways to keep mice away. I came across of many products including smart traps, natural repellent, and more.

While searching for things to keep mice away from home, I came to know about some sound repellent devices. Yes! They are scared away by several things including strong sounds. Today, a lot of ultrasonic sound repellents are available out there. These devices produce high-frequency sound waves above the human hearing range.

I also noticed that when mice no longer stand the sounds, they go away from our homes.

How to Scare Mice Away with Noise?

Sonic or ultrasonic sound repellents are a way to frighten a variety of rodents including mice and rats. Though the effectiveness of these devices is not proven, they seem to work when the infestation is at the initial stage. Most of the sound repellent devices emit high-frequency sound waves to drive away rodents. Some of these devices are battery operated while others plug into a wall outlet.

But the question is how to scare mice away with noise? Well! As far as my experience is concerned, the ultrasonic waves annoy rodents. Yes, they don’t like it at all and that could be the reason they get frightened. But the sounds waves cannot travel through walls, ceilings, or furniture. So, you will have to install them all over the house to enjoy better results.

Select a product that has a non-repeating noise pattern, means it emits different types of sound. When talking about such a product, you can consider DNR Pest Control. This ultrasonic sound repellent emits varying sound waves that prevent rodents from getting used to it. Also, it is ideal for large size rooms, kitchens, garages, and basements.

You can also use T3-R Triple High Impact Repeller and it comes with Duel Triple Attack Design. It keeps on changing the ultrasonic sound and comes with 6ft. plug-in cord for easy installation.

Here’s how to use ultrasonic devices:-

  • Pick an appropriate location to install the device where the electrical outlet is not behind a piece of furniture.
  • Plug in the ultrasonic devices as per the directions given by the manufacturer.
  • Install the devices in locations where you have seen signs of mice.
  • Use traps along with the devices to catch them.ultrasonic sound repellents

Do high pitched sounds keep mice away?

Ultrasonic sound cannot be heard by humans or even most pets. It is designed to drive away rodents like mice and rats. So, yes we can say that high pitched sounds like ultrasonic help keep mice away. However, it’s not a permanent solution. This sound will just force them for a while to go away but there are chances that they come back.

There is little proof that high pitched sound repels rodents. However, a lot of manufacturers claim that their devices are intolerable to rodents. The effectiveness has been still questioned because mice often get used to it. When the mice are frequently exposed to the sounds, they may become used to them.

We can say that mice can only be scared of noise when it is emitted in very high frequency. The noise that can be heard by the human ear does not scare mice away.

Do cat sounds scares mice?

So, now you want to scare away mice with a cat… It is a good idea because mice are highly scared of their predators. They are scared of cats, dogs, owls, and snakes. They can smell a specific protein in their predator’s urine and hideaway. So again, it’s not a permanent solution but relatively an effective one.

A mouse is able to detect a cat from far away even if it has never encountered the predator before. So you can take the benefit and scare the rodents away by having a cat as your pet. If you have a nasty infestation and looking for a natural solution. Have a cat.

Cats are curious and playful. They have something called a ‘hunting instinct’ and when cats play, they are actually mastering their hunting skills. Though not all cats are natural hunters, they learn the skill from their mommy cat.

Keeping a cat around can help you get rid of mice infestation. However, if the infestation still persists, you can contact the pest controllers.Humane Mousetrap


Mice are motivated by survival instincts and they do whatever they can to find food and shelter. This is why they invade your house because here they get everything – food, water, and place to hide. As they tend to be more active at night, it is difficult to see and take them away. They also have a strong sense of danger which keeps them alive. So, you have to find the most effective solution to permanently get rid of them. It may not be possible to scare mice away with just noise. So, it’s good to use them in combination with other solutions.

Keep your house as clean as possible because mice often come in search of food. You can also use some mice-friendly traps and leave them far away from your place. Use natural repellent to keep them away without causing any injury. Using natural methods is a great way to get rid of rodents.

If the case is severe, don’t hesitate to call a professional mouse exterminator. If you have been trying to get rid of mice for weeks but failed, it’s time to seek for professional help. All you need to do is to leave everything up to the professionals.

So, get rid of rodents and live a healthy life!